Friday, May 1, 2015

How Mascara Changed My Life

The Saturday I bought a new mascara that changed my life started off heading in the totally wrong direction. My husband had been home less than seventy-two hours from his two week work hitch in North Dakota, and my kids were running amok through the house. It was sunny. It was beautiful. It was time to get outside.

I packed a lunch, we herded the kids to the van, and set out for the zoo. The plan was zoo, then park for a picnic, then--if the energy was sufficiently burnt off and chaos had once more been restored to order, we would head home. Until we saw the billboard.


I glanced over at my hubby. He'd seen it, too. We shared a look, he shrugged, and I turned the car around. The zoo wasn't going anywhere, but a Kids' Fair...that sounded too good to pass up.
Now if we'd known we were walking into a series of booths designed to entice you to buy their products, punctuated by the occasional bounce house, my husband would have told me to keep driving and pretend we'd never heard of the Kid's Fair. Somebody brought a ton of retailers together for me to peruse while my kids run off a cotton-candy induced sugar high? Genius! Needless to say, I was in heaven.

So we're winding down the day, my hands are full of bags from Scentsy and Tupperware, when a woman stops me and asks if I want to enter a raffle to win Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiberlash Mascara. I'm thinking Fiber-what? But my brain picked up on the word "raffle" and "win" so I filled out a slip of paper and handed it to her. Then I saw the pictures. The before and afters. The AMAZING lashes.

I must have this product, I decide

My husband gets that look on his face like he knows I'm about to spend money and there's no stopping me. He sighs and wheels the stroller over to chair, because this could take a while. I chat with the sales rep, Lisa. She is fantastic. I make my purchase, peruse the other products, and finally peel myself away. My husband is relieved, and takes the opportunity to race toward the front doors, lest I work my way back to where the animal shelter is adopting out cute, fuzzy animals and suddenly we come home with a kitten. (I would NEVER do something like that!)

At this point, I'm thinking, maybe I'll host a party. It's all online, so my friends out of the state could join in, and I'd get a discount on products. I spend the next week checking out their website, making a list of dream products. Lip stain and eye pigment and bb cream...I want it all. What girl doesn't, right? Finally my darling husband, who I might add has the patience of a saint, asks me how much to just sign me up as a presenter so I can get one of the kits.

FYI: It's only $99 for the Presenter's kit. Crazy good deal, right?!

I hadn't thought of becoming a presenter before. It just didn't cross my mind. I have plenty of friends that sell Jamberry or Scentsy, and I've even bought some of them (I'm totally hooked on my Beachbody, but I'm not interested in selling it.) Makeup is my thing, though. I long ago told Aaron to stop buying me anything for Valentine's day, and just let me go pick out makeup on that day every year. He was happy to oblige. But sell it? In a direct sales set up? I had to think about that.

And then the week mark rolled around and the wonderful lady from the booth texted me to let me know I hadn't won the raffle--darn--but did I want to host a party. It was then I knew. This company, this product, I wanted it in my life. I loved my lashes, I loved the products. I loved the sales setup. So I signed on that afternoon, and I've been in love with my business ever since.

I'm still just starting the journey. I will share the ups and downs with you as I go. I hope you come along for the ride!

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